Infant Care

Infant care is extremely important to us. Safety and hugs are a top priority in our nursery. Every baby is unique and has different needs. We are here to ensure these needs are met in a clean and nurturing setting. Part-time care is available.

Toddler Curriculum

Curiosity and questions. Toddlers never stop. Our curriculum is designed to keep your child’s attention and spark their imagination. A few of our activities include circle time, physical fitness, potty training, art, clean-up, story time, outside play, and hygeine.

Three & Four Year Old Curriculum

These are the ages in which children are strengthening and gaining greater control over their bodies and minds. Our curriculum goes into great detail to make sure each child grows appropriately. However, we structure each day to create an atmosphere where children love what they are learning. We jump, we learn, we sing, we play, we draw, we clean and most of all, we laugh!

Pre-K Curriculum

Our certified teacher has designed a curriculum to prepare students for a successful transition into Kindergarten! The State Standards are incorporated into the curriculum, along with family values and social interactions.

Before and After School Program

Our staff is dedicated to ensure your child is ready for school in the morning and has excellent experiences in the afternoon. Breakfast and an afternoon snack are provided. The children arrive from school to a 30 minute quiet period to work on homework or study. Homework help is provided at this time. We provide transportation both to and from your child’s school. This includes schools in North Ridgeville, Olmsted Falls, North Olmsted, etc.

Summer Camp

We are always busy and having fun making childhood memories that last a life time. This is not babysitting! Kids, be ready to explore your world. We do something different every day.

Our curriculum is available for your review in the Director’s Office or outside classroom doors any time you have a question or just want to see what your child is up to.